There are 5 laps to go and there are two spotlights

There are 5 laps to go and there are two spotlights


If Vettel finishes fourth, Hamilton will automatically be proclaimed champion. It will be the fourth title of his career.


We reached the last lap and Verstappen is about to win the race, followed by Bottas and Raikkonen. Max has had a pace much higher than all his rivals.


Impressive fight between Alonso and Hamilton for the ninth place. Clean, because they have left space, but hard. Hamilton has risked the most to pass Fernando. Magnussen takes advantage of the fight to leave for a bit.


There are 5 laps to go and there are two focal points. Stroll is throwing himself on top of Ocon, who is fifth and if they lose time Perez will arrive, on the other hand, Magnussen, who has taken advantage of Hamilton’s attack on Alonso to detach himself a bit, with Alonso and Hamilton.


Vettel cannot get close to Raikkonen as he is too far away. The excitement centers on the fight between Magnussen, Alonso and Hamilton for eighth place


Carlos Sainz, the fourth with a Renault engine and the fifth of the race, abandoned on lap 62.


There are ten laps left and the championship seems doomed. It does not seem feasible for Vettel to reach second position, which is the minimum he needs now for Hamilton not to be champion.


We have four withdrawals in which we have been in the race. 1x bet login Hamilton is jumping on Magnussen and Alonso.


Ericsson abandonment, with the Sauber burning.


On lap 57 Vettel placed fourth by beating Ocon, on the same lap that Hamilton passed Massa and placed tenth.


Vettel passes Stroll on lap 54. The German is already fifth and has Ocon just 2 seconds behind. Progressing from French will be more difficult for you. Raikkonen is now 21 seconds behind Ocon, but with team orders he would not have enough, as he currently needs to finish second to delay Hamilton’s alirón.

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Carlos Sainz ended his second race with Renault in the Formula 1 Méximo GP with a retirement. The Madrid driver aspired to finish in the points but first a puncture relegated him to the tail of the race and then he was forced to abandon in a Race where Renault-powered cars, like Ricciardo’s Red Bull, also suffered setbacks.


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F1 GP Mexico Carlos Sainz Jr.

"A shame because we came out well, it was a new opportunity to score points. But I noticed something strange in the car, I had to stop and little else I could do"Sainz explained to Movistar +. "I was fifth, I lost the car, it felt very strange, we did not go well at all", argued the Renault driver.

On the abandonment of his teammate Nico Hulkenberg said that “we have all had several problems, we have not been the only ones. We have withdrawn as a precaution because I noticed something strange with the steering wheel".

Verstappen sweeps and Hamilton claims his fourth F1 title

Alonso: "The first chaotic lap helped us and we took the opportunity"

Looking ahead to the remaining races to finalize this championship, of which Lewis Hamilton is already the brand new champion, Sainz ended up pointing out that "the car can go to Q3 and we have to keep trying ”.

McLaren and Honda’s relationship has four days left and it will end as it started now three seasons ago, with multiple reliability problems and unable to run a ‘clean’ race. It has been the fate of ‘marriage’, tragically weighed down by the lack of engine performance, penalties and repetitive breakdowns.


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Josep Viaplana @ F1viaplana


Fernando Alonso F1 GP Mexico

Renault will supply McLaren engines next year, while Honda seeks peace of mind with Toro Rosso. For now, Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne have suffered another battery of penalties in view of the Mexican GP, ​​the third-to-last round of the year.

Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne will have 20 and 35 penalty positions on the grid, respectively, for this Mexican GP after Honda introduced several changes to its power unit. Honda had planned to make changes to both cars in Mexico, a circuit not very conducive to its characteristics, with the aim of having newer elements in the last two rounds of the season, in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

Alonso will mount his 9th internal combustion engine, his 11th turbo and his 10th MGU-H of the year. That implies that it will use version 3.8 for the first time, after Vandoorne already released it in Austin. The Belgian will mount his 10th internal combustion engine, his 12th turbo, his 12th MGU-H, his 8th MGU-K, the 7th energy manager and the 7th electronic control.

After investigating what happened last week in the United States, Honda engineers found that the MGU-H problems suffered by Alonso and Vandoorne in Austin were similar and decided to make some changes. McLaren and Honda believe that Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi will be competitive.

 The Monegasque Charles Leclerc was the fastest this Saturday in the third and last free practice for the Grand Prix of Mexico -the eighteenth of the Formula One World Championship, which is held at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City-, in which the Ferrari qualified just ahead of both Mercedes; Spaniard Carlos Sainz (McLaren) was fifth; and the Mexican Sergio Pérez (Racing Point), tenth.

Oct 26, 2019 at 6:38 pm CEST



F1 GP Mexico

Leclerc covered, on his best lap, with a soft compound tire, the 4,304 meters of the Mexican track, in one minute, 16 seconds and 145 thousandths, 27 less than his German teammate Sebastian Vettel; In a session in which the two Mercedes, that of the Finn Valtteri Bottas and that of the English Lewis Hamilton – the outstanding leader of the World Cup -, set the third and fourth time, 114 and 236 thousandths, respectively.

Sainz, sixth, with 76 points, in a World Championship led by Hamilton with 338 -64 more than Bottas-, spun in one minute, 16 seconds and 638 thousandths, 493 behind Leclerc’s time, completing the fastest lap ever given to the track of the capital of Mexico.

‘Checo’ Pérez, the local idol – ninth in the World Cup, with 37 points – registered tenth in the times table. The brave pilot from Guadalajara turned in 1: 17.207 and was one second behind Leclerc’s time.

Qualifying, which will order the starting grid for this Sunday’s race, will take place from two in the afternoon (18:00 GMT; eight in the afternoon in Spanish peninsular time). 

Mclaren sticks his head out. They are not to be in the top six under normal circumstances but they are already trained to fight if they find the opportunity to be higher. And as a team that shows in decision making.

Oct 26, 2019 at 10:27 pm CEST


F1 GP Mexico

Sainz himself affirmed it after being, once again, seventh in the ‘qualy’: "It’s already a lot of seventh places in a row, which is good news. All weekend I have been comfortable in the car. In Q2 we dreamed of going out with the middle, but I made a mistake in the third sector because a Toro Rosso bothered me a bit. We have lacked a few tenths, but we are already starting to think like a big team and we try to pass with the middle"said the Madrilenian.

Verstappen: "Everything went perfect in Q3"

Verstappen steals pole from Ferraris

The play did not come out but the attempt was there for the first time all season: "Tomorrow we go out with a penalty for the soft. In the race they are about ten seconds slower than starting in the middle, but we will have to try to improve the balance of the car to control the graining. In these circuits we can do a little more than lead the middle zone"Carlos said optimistically. Good opportunity to score points. 

With some luck due to the Bottas accident but Verstappen showed that he is in love with the Mexican track. After achieving two victories, in 2017 and 2018, he is going for third from the privileged position of the grid. His second pole position of the year and of his career.


On at 22:28 CEST


F1 GP Mexico

"It has been a very interesting day, but going ahead is incredible. In the last races we knew that the Ferraris had a high point speed and to overcome them here and have pole we had to improve. Thanks to the team for pushing so hard, bringing new parts …"said the Dutchman with good words for Red Bull. 

Verstappen: "Everything went perfect in Q3"

Verstappen steals pole from Ferraris

Asked if pole position was expected, the Dutchman stated that "You always dream about it and try to find your balance with the car. In Q3 everything turned out perfect", to which he added: "This year I start first and not second and we are going to give everything. If something happens at the start we will still have options during the race"

He was in the pools. It was not a major surprise but it was still a surprise. The Dutchman had been warning in free practice that he was competitive and that’s how it was. Verstappen took advantage of a great lap on the first attempt in Q3 and a Bottas accident that ruined the lap for Hamilton and Vettel to claim his second pole position of the year and his career. The last one in Hungary. 

Oct 26, 2019 at 9:54 pm CEST

Arnau montserrat


F1 GP Mexico

Q1 was more exciting than usual. The rain that fell on the track in the morning in Mexico cleaned the track of rubber, which with free practice was not enough to notice the improvement. Every minute that passed the times fell and few were safe. Only the noble area of ​​the grill. 

The great victims were the Haas who were left out. They are capable of making a competitive car to enter the top-10 or a disaster like the one they have presented in Mexico. The irregularity made team.  

The surprises came in Q2. Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull pass with the cap if they mount the medium tires. The most efficient for tomorrow’s race. However, what nobody expected was that the Toro Rosso and Carlos Sainz would try to go to the last cut with the yellow rubber mounted.

That only confirms that Mclaren morale is through the roof. Even if it is too soon. They were brave and things did not go well. Sainz encountered traffic in the last sector and was unable to complete a clean lap to start tomorrow with media.

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