Once again, Naddel was unable to get out of her misery

Once again, Naddel was unable to get out of her misery

However, Naddel now earns more money, of which she is supposed to spend too much. Naddel leads a lavish life. Peter Zwegat’s job is to dissuade her from her lifestyle so that she can finally find her own apartment.

The last attempt “didn’t help a bit”

After the last meeting with the debt counselor, Nadja was not very satisfied: “Peter Zwegat didn’t get me a single job or improved my situation. None of that helped me in the least.” He also advised her to get a grip on her psychological problems through therapy. So it remains to be seen whether he will be more successful this time.

“Dieter set no limits”: Naddel: The children of the pop titans insulted them “That was my mistake”: Naddel explains her alcohol problems Despite liver problems: Naddel: “I still drink my glass of Prosecco”

Most recently Naddel published her second autobiography “Roller Coaster”, in which she openly writes about the ups and downs in her life. She also takes up her constantly discussed alcohol problem.

Sources used: Report from the media magazine dwdl.de Article at ntv.de about Nadja Abd el Farrag

Nadja abd el Farrag has suffered a new low blow. After alcohol problems and a bankruptcy, Dieter Bohlen’s ex could now look forward to a new job. But the 53-year-old disappointed again. 

Nadja abd el Farrag was invited as a star guest at a traditional costume fashion show in Munich. The appearance was her chance to finally improve the empty cash register a bit. But the model will probably continue to be Peter Zwegat’s biggest problem child, because she wasted her commitment. Naddel was supposed to introduce the new wedding dirndl collection to the waiting guests. But instead of going over the catwalk, everything turned out very differently. 

Naddel in costume: Bohlen-Ex will design a wedding collection. (Source: imago)

“A problem with the legs”

The Ballermann singer only wanted to freshen up briefly in her hotel room for her big performance. Before that, she told RTL: “I’m doing great.” But after 15 minutes she was still not back. When the show was long over, its organizer said: “Naddel has a problem with her legs. She had an operation last year and it was so difficult for her to walk in shoes. She’s really on top now and in pain.”

Peter Zwegat helps again: Second attempt: Naddel has to get out of debt “Dieter set no limits”: Naddel: The children of the pop-titan insulted them “That was my mistake”: Naddel explains her alcohol problems

Once again, Naddel was unable to get out of her misery. But she is obviously lucky because the organizer wants to bring out a joint dirndl collection with her despite everything – should she not mess it up again. 

Sources used: Naddels new job goes in the pants (vip.de)

There are only a few days left until RTL goes on air with the summer jungle camp on July 31. Now the broadcaster is sweetening the waiting time for viewers with some pictures from the shoot. They show the participants in their quite demanding challenges.

On one of the photos Julia Biedermann, Barbara Engel and Eike Immel can be seen stranded on a desert island. As RTL announced, this task is primarily about “a sense of direction, teamwork and courage”. In another picture, Carsten Spengemann, bathed in sweat, stands with Nadja abd el Farrag alias “Naddel” and Willi Herren in a kind of raised position in the air. It can only be speculated whether the candidates are about to do a bungee jump here.

First accident while shooting

These three candidates appear quite confident on a motif that shows them riding horses and mules. Equipped with elbow pads and helmets, the broadcaster is apparently very careful to ensure that the participants do not get worse injuries in the event of a possible fall.

For RTL show – Michael Wendler injured while filming

For RTL show

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Michael Wendler injured himself while filming

Pop star has to be operated on for several hours after an accident. Video

Speaking of injuries: even before the mood singer Michael Wendler sustained serious injuries while abseiling, another picture was taken in which he was handling a rope with Melanie Müller and Gabriella “Gabby” De Almeida Rinne.

Prison stay included

The task in which Ingrid van Bergen, Christina Lugner and Peter Bond end up in prison should not be exactly pleasant. Your order: They should have broken out of jail by the next morning. So it will be interesting to see whether they can do it – and if so, then how.

What the broadcaster has also already revealed is that Costa Cordalis, Dustin Semmelrogge and Werner Böhm are being sent on a top secret mission and abandoned at a former Cold War listening station. Above all, team spirit and maximum concentration are required.

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In addition to these recorded challenges, there are other tasks live in the studio. Whoever prevails in the teams as a winner, competes against the other winners in the final and fights for the ticket for the jungle camp anniversary relay in January 2016.

The forms of therapy for rehabilitation after a stroke are diverse. It is important that the measures are initiated as early as possible. This avoids further complications – and, depending on the severity of the cerebral infarction, the patient can be reintegrated into their social environment at an early stage.

These five symptoms indicate a stroke

Photo series with 6 pictures

Rehabilitation measures: broad-based team

In order to ensure the best possible rehabilitation after a stroke, the team of supporters is broadly positioned: In interdisciplinary cooperation, the stroke patient should be able to return to normal everyday life as quickly as possible and secondary diseases avoided. According to the health portal netdoktor.de, in addition to pneumonia – caused for example by inhaled food – especially thrombosis and decubitus ulcers due to bed rest are among the frequent complications as a result of a stroke.

In addition to various options for exercise therapy, it is also important to rehabilitate speech, memory, eyesight and the attention span. The aim of this rehabilitation is that the patient reaches almost the same level in all areas as before the stroke. In addition to doctors and neurologists, nurses and various therapists are involved in this process. (The main causes of a stroke)

Movement and speech therapy

Since a stroke usually leads to paralysis on one side, exercise therapy is one of the central rehabilitation measures. The most frequently used motor training methods include the Bobath, Forced Use and Vojta methods. Specially trained therapists decide on a very individual basis which treatment is best suited for each individual case, as the patient must have certain basic requirements for successful rehabilitation. Regaining the ability to speak properly is a part of speech therapy. Because those affected often suffer from speech disorders after a stroke. Problems with swallowing can also be overcome with the help of speech therapists. (Stroke and Exercise: How to Get Fit Again)

Care and support in everyday life

Rehabilitation progresses at different speeds for each patient, however, and it happens again and again that it is unsuccessful. A nursing team is on hand to support the patient during rehab and even if it is unsuccessful. The specific care measures depend on the needs of the person concerned. As the health portal lifeline.de reports, individual care concepts are worked out for this purpose, which on the one hand alleviate the impairments, but on the other hand also promote independence.

Therapy concept: Bobath method – stroke therapy

Just as important for rehabilitation is support in coping with everyday life in all organizational matters. Those affected receive help from social workers, for example with reintegration into work or with applying for care products or state support or with questions about care insurance.

Men should be examined for colon cancer earlier than women – from the age of 50. This is the result of researchers at the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) clinic in Munich. “Men have a significantly higher risk than women that an advanced adenoma or colon cancer will be found during a colonoscopy,” said the senior physician Professor Frank Kolligs, explaining the recommendation. The most important facts about colon cancer.

More about colon cancer

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Colon cancer: prevention by colonoscopy

Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in Germany: According to the LMU, almost 70,000 new people develop it every year. Colon cancer is also still associated with a high mortality rate. However, a colonoscopy can identify a disease: Colonoscopy detects preliminary stages, so-called adenomas, and early forms of colon cancer. This reduces the risk of developing the tumor and dying.

So far no difference between men and women

The benefits of colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening are widely recognized by the medical community. However, it is less clear at what age the first colonoscopy should take place. Currently, medical societies recommend people without a family history to be examined for colorectal cancer every 10 years from the age of 55. However, no distinction is made between men and women. This is an “unsatisfactory state,” says Kolligs.

Colon cancer develops earlier in men

For some time now, there has been increasing evidence that the preliminary stages generally arise earlier in men than in women. However, previous studies mostly only overlooked smaller case numbers or used data from cancer registers and mortality statistics. In the current study, the researchers evaluated the data from around 625,000 colonoscopies from 2006 to 2008. The patients were between 18 and 79 years old. “The data reflect reality in the practices very well,” says Kolligs. Because they include firstly the preventive colonoscopies, secondly colonoscopies, which were caused in all age groups because of symptoms, and thirdly colonoscopies after a positive haemoccult test. This shows blood in the stool, which may be an indication of an intestinal tumor.    

Experts recommend colonoscopy from 50

The doctors discovered about twice as many colon cancer precursors and tumors in men in all three groups in each age group than in women. “We have to discuss these new results in the professional world,” explains Kolligs. The aim should be to offer screening colonoscopy for men from the age of 50 as a health insurance benefit. At present, statutory health insurances from the age of 56 bear the costs of a colonoscopy for early cancer detection. They also pay if the family doctor suspects colon cancer and refers the patient to an internist. The costs for an examination for blood in the stool are covered by health insurance companies from the age of 50.

Growing fat rolls: those who gain weight increase their personal risk of colon cancer

Colon cancer screening from seven euros

If you want to have a preventive examination earlier, you have to pay for it out of your own pocket: A small colonoscopy as part of an “individual health service” (IGel) costs between 40 euros and 120 euros. A large colonoscopy costs between 200 and 300 euros. The haemocult test is cheaper, but less reliable: the stool test costs around seven euros.

Colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in Germany. Every year around 69,000 people fall ill. If the disease is recognized early, it is easily curable. But very few people know their risk, many go too late to preventive care. For example, anyone who has a family predisposition to cancer should have early diagnosis well before the age of 50. Read here which factors increase the risk of colon cancer and who is particularly at risk.

More about colon cancer

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Recognize family risk

The Felix Burda Foundation estimates that more than four million people have a familial risk of developing colon cancer. This means that they carry one or more genes that favor the occurrence of the disease. People whose parents, siblings or children have colon cancer before the age of 60 are particularly at risk. The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) recommends having a colonoscopy early in this case. For example, if the sick family member was 45 years old at the time of diagnosis, close relatives should have a colonoscopy from the age of 35.

Lifestyle influences cancer risk

In addition to genetic factors, one’s own lifestyle influences the risk of colon cancer. Anyone who exercise little, eats a lot of meat and little fiber and is overweight at the same time has a higher risk of developing colon cancer than a slim person who lives healthy.

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