Conveniently, there is a campsite here to enjoy the nude vacation.

Conveniently, there is a campsite here to enjoy the nude vacation.

The large wooden shack in the dunes between Rantum and Hörnum offers exquisite gourmet cuisine in the ambience of a ski hut and for 2,000 eaters per day. How is that possible: You marvel at the armada of around 40 chefs, admire the fixed and relaxed service, and look in awe at the booming wine trade, which the host Herbert Seckler has also housed in the cellar of the hut.

Apparently the Swabian has got it better than anyone else not to let the mass rush turn into mass processing. Whether a millionaire celebrity or just for the first time on Sylt: everyone is treated and served equally friendly. And at least at lunchtime you usually get a seat somehow.

Beach walk in the evening light

Hörnum-Odde is the southern tip of Sylt. Well, actually it’s more of a sand semicircle. Walking around there barefoot takes just over an hour and reveals all the power of the sea. Because the seas meet before the eyes of the beach walker, and the forces of the surf and currents have the greatest effect. With luck you can see seals at low tide.

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Those who do not like to hike alone can join a tour from the "Wadden Sea Protection Station" and learns, for example, that the hike used to take twice as long – that is how much the Blanke Hans, a name for the raging North Sea, gnaws on the sandy beach.

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There are now naturist campsites all over Germany. No matter whether in a tent or in a mobile home – here you can enjoy nature and let your covers fall. Read here in which regions of Germany naturist camping is particularly beautiful.

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Campsites on the North and Baltic Seas

At the Amrum naturist campsite, you can get rid of your clothes and all your everyday worries. The facility is located directly on the fine sandy North Sea beach, where seagulls and pheasants breed, and people can enjoy a full-body tan without worrying.

The nudist campsite on Rosenfelder Strand offers its own access to the Baltic Sea. The nature reserve between Dahme and Heiligenhafen is one of the most beautiful nude campsites in Germany: On 30 hectares there is a sauna, a soccer field and a surf school. You can either rent a small house or a caravan.

In Lower Saxony, nudist lovers get their money’s worth at the Hooksiel campsite near Wilhelmshaven: There is a separate North Sea beach for sunbathing without skin and every Friday the seawater indoor pool offers nudist swimming.

Naturist camping by the lake: Germany’s most idyllic campsites

The nudist campsite in Bantikow in Brandenburg is located in an enchanted mixed pine forest and borders directly on a swimming lake. Naturist camping on Lake Useriner in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is just as idyllic.

The square nestles harmoniously into the beautiful surroundings of the Müritz National Park and is therefore the ideal starting point for walks or bike rides. The Rätzesee, located in the same region, is one of Germany’s cleanest bathing lakes. Conveniently, there is a campsite here to enjoy the nude vacation.

Naturist camping in southern Germany

Anyone who thinks that campsites for fans of nudist culture only exist on the coast and in former GDR areas are mistaken. In the south of Germany, too, nudists will find beautiful campsites where they can move freely and informally. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, the nudist campsite in Hilsbachtal offers a heated swimming pool, sunbathing lawns, a sauna and a spacious grill and catering area.

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The naturists’ holiday park is located south of Freiburg. Thanks to the proximity to Alsace in France and Switzerland, you can indulge in nakedness here on an international level. There is a natural swimming lake, a sauna, several restaurants and even some wellness offers.

It was supposed to be light and airy fun: two dozen people wanted to get naked or lightly clothed on their bikes on Saturday (7 June 2014) in Leipzig – but the city has banned nudist cycling. The public order office banned the event out of concern for public order and safety, said organizer Salome Krug. The administrative court rejected an urgent application against the ban, as its spokeswoman Susanne Eichhorn-Gast said. The judges also classified the nude cycling as grossly inappropriate.

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"The World Nude Cycling Day has been held unannounced in many cities underground for years" said Krug. "I now wanted to go the other way and comply with the registration requirement." The resulting ban is "drastic" she explained: "With that, nude cycling has suffered a serious setback." Krug described the action as political: "It is mainly a protest drive against motorized traffic." The nudity of the cyclists is just a "Partial aspect".

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More information about nude cycling:

There is nothing that does not exist – and since there seem to be more and more followers of nudism, it is not surprising that naked cruises through the Caribbean, skinless parachute jumps over Usedom or dives where you can fish and slick others Discover forms can be offered: Nudist lovers find unusual holiday destinations all over the world. See the nudist destinations in our photo show.

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In Germany alone there are around ten million nudist tourists every year. But the nudist culture now goes far beyond national borders and also beyond Europe. And: The new freedom of movement has long since ceased to be suitable for the beach – nudists can choose between nudist cruises in the Caribbean, nude dives on the Fiji island, hike naked in the Harz Mountains or take a bungee jump in Canada completely unclothed.

Golfing naked

La Jenny (France): In the French coastal town of La Jenny, holidaymakers can not only bathe naked in the sun. The naturist center on the Atlantic also has the only nudist golf course in Europe. The six-hole golf course is directed by a former turkish women personality Canadian master. Naked bettors regularly meet on the course for friendly encounters. La Jenny is about 50 kilometers from Bordeaux, in the middle of the pine forests of Le Porge (

Tenancy and Neighborhood Law – How much nudism is allowed on the balcony

Tenancy and Neighborhood Law
How much nudism is allowed on the balcony

Is it allowed to bathe completely naked in the sun in the patio? That’s what German law says about it. Video

Naked skydiving

Usedom (Germany): Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist – that could be the motto of the Peenemünde airfield. On the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, nudists can not only indulge their passion on the beach, but have also been skydiving naked for a number of years. An experienced trainer can drop his clothes on the tandem jump – the customer can, however, glide through the air completely unclothed and then land on the nudist beach of Karlshagen (

Naked on vacation in Asia

Chiang Mai (Thailand): Even if Thailand is generally known for tolerance – naked holidaymakers are not welcome on the beach either. But there are exceptions: between rice fields and mountains in northern Thailand "Oriental Village Naturist Resort". Not only nature lovers looking for peace and quiet will get their money’s worth in the nudist complex with its twelve simple huts, large garden and swimming pool: Chiang Mai, the second largest city in the country, is only a few kilometers away. There you will find numerous beautiful Buddhist temples, tourist attractions such as elephant and tiger camps, cycling routes or the hot springs of Sankampaeng. Long-term stays are also possible in the nudist resort. (

Naked on a cruise

Caribbean: Captain’s dinner in a tuxedo? Not even close! Simply go naked on the cruise ship with the tour operator Bare Necessities Tour and Travel. Company founder Nancy Tiemann specialized in nude cruises to the Caribbean more than 20 years ago. Around 3000 holidaymakers have come to the "Big Nude Boat" Place. In the coming year I will travel from Florida to the Bahamas, on to St. Barths, Guadeloupe and back from St. Martin. In February 2016 it says again: "Carnaval de Caribe" – and of course naked. Only the almost 1200 crew members wear clothes (

Naked in the nature of New Zealand

Marlborough (New Zealand): Turquoise blue sea and fjord-like landscapes, further inland a famous wine-growing region: This is the Wairau Valley in the northeast of the South Island of New Zealand. Wai-natur Naturist Park is located in the Marlborough district, about 40 kilometers from the town of Blenheim. Those who travel there are not only looking for a nudist holiday, but also come to the most sparsely populated region of the country because of the peace and solitude. Operators Kay Hannam and Brian Williams have created a paradise for nudists at the other end of the world: The huge gardens offer plenty of space for an undisturbed nudist holiday. If you are looking for a change from the quiet, you can take a boat trip with a barbecue through the Marlborough Sounds, or play golf – naked of course (

Hike naked

Harz (Germany): "If you don’t want to see any naked people, you can’t go any further here": Anyone who decides to hike between the Wippertalsperre and Dankerode in Saxony-Anhalt should take this advice seriously. The Harzer Naturistenstieg, one of the few official nude hiking trails in Germany, runs for 13 kilometers. The Naturistenstieg is designed as a circular hiking trail – also with detours and shortcuts – and runs apart from other hiking trails in the valley of the Wipper in the southern Harz mostly through forest. The official waymark is a yellow circle following the letter "N" circled. Nudity is not compulsory on the Naturistenstieg – if you want, you can also hike dressed (

Naked bungee jumping

Vancouver Island (Canada): Bungee jumping per se is not for the faint of heart – the nude jump probably not only provides the right adrenaline rush for action-loving naturists.

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